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The Citrific mission is simple: to supply Florida growers with the highest quality citrus trees possible through the best innovative combinations of time-honored nursery practices and modern advances in agriculture.

Our combination of tried and proven nursery methodology with the embrace of new technologies allows us to grow what we are confident are some the best citrus trees available on the market today.

Dilley Citrific Nursery commenced building the facility in Lake Wales Florida in mid 2015.

5 years on, our aim was and still is to provide high quality Citrus plants to our customers using the most up to date methods available through both proven long term traditional methods and advanced new technology, to promote high quality citric varieties into the future supporting Florida’s growers.

In short; a high quality, on time product.

Over the years we have added our own propagation facility, bud house and master root stock house as well as recently doubling our capacity in late 2020.

Our facility has the latest technology in climate control to ensure our trees stay within the best growing temperature range and don’t experience significant temperature stresses, whilst keeping the climate in a moderate working range for our staff throughout the working hours of the day.

We utilize full drip irrigation technology throughout our main facility as well as a controlled fertigation system which uses 5 different feed tanks supplying the trees with exactly the nutrition they need, when they need it. We collaborate with well-respected industry fertilization experts using leaf tissue to evaluate the performance on an ongoing basis letting us continually customize the growing environment for optimal tree growth.

Like any business we are as good as the family of staff we employ who tend to the trees daily. To this end we recognize the importance of a comfortable and supportive working environment, and ensure that we supply good clean air-conditioned staff facilities, provide regulars paid breaks during the day, pay above award wages and ensure staff have paid holiday leave to spend time with family.

In early 2020 we introduced what we believe to be a new, low upfront cost payment method for our customers, changing away from the long-time industry standard which in our belief restricted growers from looking further into the future for their planting requirements. With the pressure on availability of the new greening tolerant root stocks we understand growers have been forced to look further ahead to ensure supply and enthusiastically work with our customers on this.

We plan to further extend our main facility in 2021 to meet the demand for future growers needs and look forward to dealing with our industry suppliers and customers in Florida Citrus into the future.

We welcome visitors and would love to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how the Citrific team can help you grow!

The main Citrific Nursery

The Citrific Team